Inspiring Corporate Day & Residential Retreats

Well balanced management→ Well-balanced employees → well balanced work place→ well balanced results

Active Balance

Active balance, nutrition, motivation with yoga

Pure Yoga

Yoga for focus, balance & stress relief


Mindfulness – for balance & stress reduction

Yoga & Mindfulness

Move your body, Calm your Mind


The Courtyard

Our day retreats and workshops are informative, motivational and inspiring yet remain light and fun. We have excellent facilities and systems in place to ensure the smooth running of your special day out. It’s all set up, all you have to do is pick the package which best suits your requirements.

Our yoga teachers, mindfulness coaches, personals trainer and life coaches are all highly experienced and highly respected in their fields. They are inspirational people and love what they do.

We have 3 chefs on our foodie team and we provide delicious and healthy vegetarian food which we take great pride in as we are passionate about food and healthy eating.

Example schedule of Day Retreat

10:00 Refreshments – Healthy snack, herbal teas and coffee

10:30 Optional talk by visiting company

11:00 Welcome introduction talk from course facilitator/teacher

11:30 Class (i.e Yoga, mindfulness, fitness)

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Workshop/ talk (non active)

15:00 Class (i.e Mindfulness, yoga, )

16:30 Healthy Snack, Herbal teas etc

17:00 Departure

If interested please call Olivia: 0851231678


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