It is best to arrive at The Courtyard between 16:00 and 17:00 so that you can settle into your room and relax and have tea and a snack before your yoga class. Once you have settled int your room you can come over to The Dairymaids for tea. Please note the Friday evening yoga class starts at 18:00.


When you come through the main gates please drive to the right keeping the main house on your left, follow the drive way down to the car park area at the end of the lawn in front of the line of evergreen trees. Please park in an orderly fashion to allow space maximal space for everyone. We keep the courtyard car free for your own pleasure. If you are coming with a friend or a couple it would be best to arrange to come in one car rather than two cars, that would be helpful.

What to bring 

Yoga clothing should be formfitting, made from a lightweight material with lots of stretch, generally it is better to wear clothing that is both comfortable and made from breathable fabric (like cotton, bamboo or jersey). Your top clothing is as important as your bottom half as yoga requires a lot of arm movement as well as leg movement. If you don’t have any of the above most sport shops usually stock this type of clothing. TK Maxx can be useful and is priced reasonably. Tracksuit bottoms are not recommended, they can be restrictive and you also need to be able to see the outline of your legs to check that you are achieving the correct position/pose. A sleeveless lightweight formfitting top and another lightweight formfitting long sleeve top would be recommended so that you can wear this to the class and take it off if you get warm. Please leave your shoes outside the yoga room.

Yoga clothing or similar

Walking boots and extra runners

Warm clothing (remember it though it is Spring it can still be cold! bring warm clothing)

Rain jacket and hat

Water bottles. You should bring water to your classes to keep hydrated. You can use the water from the kitchen taps to fill your bottles. It is pure private well water.

Excellent quality yoga mats are provided, you do not need to bring your own

Towels and bed linen are all provided.


Mealtime & Team spirit

Mealtime is a fun part of our retreats and we like guests to really relax and enjoy the good food and to make the most of being in good company of likeminded people. Guests are requested to clear their own plate and cutlery and glasses and mugs after each meal and rinse them and put them in the dishwasher. When everyone helps to clear their own things the clear up is done within minutes and it’s also a great way to mingle and is an important aspect of team spirit and mindfulness.


There are 4 courtyard houses, The Grooms, The Saddler’s Loft, The Dairymaid’s and Tindal’s cottage. Some of the bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms and some have shared en-suite bathrooms where 2 bedrooms have access to the same en-suite. This system works well however you just have to remember to lock both doors. Each house has well equipped kitchens, not that you will be cooking! The water in the kitchen taps is well water from our private well and is as pure as you can get. You can fill your water bottles from your kitchens to bring with you to the yoga classes.


There is a toilet close to the yoga room, you do not need to go back to your house to visit the bathroom during your yoga class. When you walk out of the yoga room door go left and there is a door in front of you, go through this door and you will find a door into the toilet.


Alcohol is not encouraged at the retreat. Guests will benefit most from the yoga classes and the experience as a whole if they are feeling good, fresh and well rested in the mornings after a good night’s sleep. We spend the weekend eating healthy food and doing lots of yoga, we want to send you home feeling great, rested, revitalised and feeling positive and healthy, alcohol as we know has the opposite affect on most of us, so please let’s give ourselves what we deserve and get the most out of the special weekend.

Being Eco-Friendly and Conserving energy

Please when leaving your individual houses to go to class, lunch, dinner etc, please be mindful of turning off all lights and bathroom fans, as you would do at home in your own house.

Weekend Schedule 


16:00 -17:30 – Arrive at the Courtyard, relax and settle in to your allocated Courtyard house

17:15 –  Refreshments in The Dairymaids House

18:00 – Our first yoga class in The Carriage House – Duration 1.5 hour class

19:30 – Dinner  in The Dairymaids. 2 course meal. Main & dessert. After dinner guests are free to relax.


08:15 – Light healthy breakfast snack  (the breakfast snack & fruit is left out from about 8:15 but you are welcome to arrive later, should you wish to lie in)

09:30 – Yoga Class -2 hours

12:00 – Brunch

12:30 – Free time options for Saturday afternoon

– You will be given a walk/trek route to take in some fresh Wicklow air and beautiful forestry and hills

– Visit the Tinahely farm shop & cafe (a Ballymaloe styled café selling crafts and artisan food products)

– Golf at the magnificant Coolattin Golf Club, pre-booking via The Courtyard is essential

– Chill out at The Courtyard alone or with others. Have some quiet time, go for a stroll on a country track

17:00 – 1.5 hour yoga class

18:30 – Delicious healthy vegetarian 2 course dinner, main & dessert– after dinner free to relax.


08:15 – Light healthy breakfast snack  (the breakfast snack & fruit is left out from about 8:15 but you are welcome to arrive later, should you wish to lie in)

09:30 – Yoga class 2 hours

12:00 –Lunch

13:00 – Relax

14:00 – Departure

* Fruit, tea, coffee and an array of loose herbal teas are available in The Dairymaids thoughout the weekend

Your Hosts 


Olivia who all of you will know already or will have dealt with at the booking stage will be on-hand throughout the weekend for any questions, help or support that you may need. Please come to her straight away with any questions or concerns that you may have. 

Noel & Dee

Noel and Dee, Olivia’s parents, are the proud owners of this special property which they have painstakingly restored from a state of disrepair when they purchased the property 12 years ago. When Noel retired as a veterinary surgeon he bravely took on this project. The project has been a great success and has kept him out of mischief for many years. It is thanks to Noel and Dee that we have this very special yoga retreat venue today. Dee is still working as a teacher and she will retire this summer. Noel and Dee are great hosts and love to welcome our guests. Noel will be on hand when you arrive and will help you settle into your house and ensure that you are comfortable. 

Frances & Tina

Frances, Tina and Olivia all work together to nourish you with great vegetarian food throughout the weekend.

Billy & Jess

We have two dogs that will be very happy to see you! However we generally keep them inside when guests are arriving or if there are activities taking place in the Courtyard. Jess is the larger of the two, a Labrador cross who has an insatiable appetite for love & affection! Billy is the poodle/terrier, a bit wiser in his old age and a little more independent!


If you haven’t already liked us on Facebook, then please do! It would be great if you could also ‘check in’ to The Courtyard Yoga Retreats on Facebook during your weekend! You can also give positive reviews/ratings on the Facebook page, which we love reading. Here is the link to our Facebook page.



Password: guestaccess


Directions to The Courtyard Yoga Retreats 

GPS Coordinates Latitude: 52.753489 | Longitude: -6.5142

From M11/N11 Dublin


N11 – From Dublin

Coming from Dublin turn off N11 at Rathnew village, head in the direction of Glenealy and Rathdrum. Pass by Rathdrum to Ballinaclash and Aughrim. Cross the bridge in Aughrim and turn right for Tinahely and Carnew. Continue for 12 minutes (do not take the turn to Tinahely continue until the turn right for Coolboy, enter Coolboy and turn right at the pub, cross the little bridge and turn left towards Coolattin and Shillelagh continue past Coolattin Golf Club entrance on right. About half a mile after the golf club you will come to white railings on the right which is the back gate to golf club. The Courtyard and Coolattin Lodge is opposite the white railings on the left.

From M50 – M9

Come off the M9 at Castledermot, kildare head in the direction of Tullow, as you enter Tullow take a left, pass through the town and take a right to Shillelagh at the top of the town. Pass through Shillelagh and keep going straight you will come to a bend to the right, do not follow to the right but carry on up this road, Coolattin Golf Course will be sign posted at this junction, continue up this road towards Coolattin Golf club about 1 km up this road you will come to a forestry gate with white railings on the left, Coolattin Lodge/The Couryard is on the right. You will see granite pillars with lights. Coolattin Lodge is written on the pillars.

From Shillelagh to The Courtyard

If you find yourself in Shillelagh village head east towards Coolattin or Coolattin Golf Club. The Courtyard is 1 km on the right opposite the white railings.

This link will bring you to the map on our website

If anyone is concerned about getting here please call us in advance and we will talk you through the directions. Please do take the time to check out the route plan in advance rather than leaving it to last minute, as we would love you all to arrive on time and in a relaxed state of mind.