August 3-5th – Yoga as a Moving Meditation

Duration: 2 nights
Cost: €395 – €420 for a twin room, €450-€465 for a single room
Friday 4pm/5pm- Sunday 14:00
Date: 3-5th August
Teacher: Liz Richards
Type: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa
Levels: Everyone is Welcome! All levels


• Beautiful vegetarian meals cooked by the owner Olivia, Ballymaloe Chef
• Relaxation in the beautiful courtyard
• Disconnection from daily routine & stresses
• A warm welcome & friendly environment
• Beautiful accommodation
• Fun & relaxation
• Inspirational yoga tuition with Liz Richards
• Fresh Wicklow Air and pure water
• Country walk
• A break

Yoga as a Moving Meditation

Hatha is a general term which includes most styles of yoga. It is an old system that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring stillness to the body and the mind, helping to prepare the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation.

The practice of yoga itself can be meditative and can be a special meditation though movement. You have probably experienced how great it feels when you complete a yoga class in which you have been fully focused and present. This state is a form of meditation, meditation through movement.

There is a quite lot to keep in mind during performing a yoga pose, trying to get the posture right. This level of attention provides so many benefits as well as the way into a deeper practice. If your mind wanders during the practice or you practice the asana carelessly, not only do you lose some of the benefits and but you risk strain or injury, so we need to keep focused and mindful. Liz will help you learn to maintain this attention and focus in order to deepen your practice.

Liz will lead you through 4 wonderful yoga sessions where you will experience this level of focus and meditative state through movement. She will show you how you can achieve this level of focus more consistently and maintain it in your classes in order to deepen the experience and the benefits.

Liz will focus on the following areas

  1. Getting the Posture right – Alignment

To get the posture as correct as you are able to, given your personal limitations and experience. This involves real awareness of the inner body. Do you feel the stretches in the places you should? Is your body aligned correctly? Heed to pain, are you pushing your limits but not exceeding them

2. Don’t forget to Breathe – Correct breath-work

Attend to your breath both as you move from one position to another as well as when you are holding a posture. Make it easy and flowing. With it, release the tension.

3. The Release of Tension

We will  practice special sequences that will target blocked, tight and restricted areas often present in our bodies due to the stresses, strains and demands of modern living

4. Focus and Awareness.

Closing the eyes encourages visualization, body-awareness, and breath-awareness. It helps you to tune in to your inner body and tune out external distractions.


Retreat Schedule


16:00 -17:30 – Arrive at the Courtyard, relax and settle in to your allocated Courtyard house

17:15 –  Refreshments in The Dairymaids House

18:00 – Our first yoga class in The Carriage House – Duration 1.5 hour class

19:30 – Dinner  in The Dairymaids. 2 course meal. Main & dessert. After dinner guests are free to relax.


08:15 – Light healthy breakfast snack  (the breakfast snack & fruit is left out from about 8:15 but you are welcome to arrive later, should you wish to lie in)

09:30 – Yoga Class -2 hours

12:00 – Brunch

12:30 – Free time options for Saturday afternoon

– You will be given a walk/trek route to take in some fresh Wicklow air and beautiful forestry and hills

– Visit the Tinahely farm shop & cafe (a Ballymaloe styled café selling crafts and artisan food products)

– Golf at the magnificant Coolattin Golf Club, pre-booking via The Courtyard is essential

– Chill out at The Courtyard alone or with others. Have some quiet time, go for a stroll on a country track

17:00 – 1.5 hour yoga class

18:30 – Delicious healthy vegetarian 2 course dinner, main & dessert– after dinner free to relax.


08:15 – Light healthy breakfast snack  (the breakfast snack & fruit is left out from about 8:15 but you are welcome to arrive later, should you wish to lie in)

09:30 – Yoga class 2 hours

12:00 –Lunch

13:00 – Relax

14:00 – Departure

* Fruit, tea, coffee and an array of loose herbal teas are available in The Dairymaids thoughout the weekend

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