Our Team

Olivia Kelly

Founder - organiser

Olivia manages everything to do with the retreat from bookings, retreat planning, networking, marketing, administration, accountancy, waste management, stock control, staff management, recipe testing, menu planning, food shopping and lots more. Olivia’s has always been passionate about food and cooking, to further her interest she qualified from Ballymaloe Cookery School in 2012 and subsequently furthered her passion for food to specialise in vegetarian cooking. She has a keen interest in nutrition which she feels is imperative when menu planning for the retreat in order to provide well balanced and nutritious meals. Olivia practices yoga and pilates and also keeps herself fit, focused and healthy through the practice of a number of sports and outdoor activities. Olivia feel’s incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such a dedicated team of staff, who she now  considers as friends more so than colleagues, her wonderful teachers Liz, Sinead and Naomi who put in so much energy and commitment into each and every retreat and her chefs Frances and Tina who work so hard behind the scenes and of course Noel and Dee her parents who have lovingly restored the property and made it what it is today, a perfect retreat!

    Liz Richards

    Yoga Teacher

    Liz Richards is a Yoga Alliance Certified instructor with over 700 hours training and 6000 hours teaching experience.  Liz has steadily earned a reputation of excellence throughout her yoga teaching career.  Liz’s passion for yoga is preceded by a love of ballet, modern dance, gymnastics and equestrian sport in her teens.  Liz’s enquiring mind and a desire to immerse herself more deeply in the philosophy behind the system of yoga and the hugely transformative nature of the practice led her to continually progress and further her own development and understanding of yoga and it’s benefits.  Liz specialises in Classical Hatha Yoga using the Vinyasa Krama System for all levels from beginners to advanced students.

      Lou Horgan

      Yoga Teacher

      Lou began practicing yoga in 2000 and qualified to teach in 2004. Her journey began by attending a yoga class in a gym in Dublin, within a year she sat in a Himalayan ashram beginning to understand the true essence of yoga, far from its western interpretation. India led to London and an interdisiplinerary training with the Life Centre (Yoga Campus). In that time Lou trained not only with some of the UK’s leading teachers but international teachers such as Richard Freeman and Shiva Rea. It wasn’t until she met Rod Stryker of Para Yoga she found a teacher that communicated the science of yoga, using all elements, not only asana and pranayama but the more subtle practices of mudra mantra and and corner stone of any yoga practice, meditation. Rod took these ancient yogic techniques, “downloaded” by ancient cave dwelling sages and seers and communicated their relevance to Lou as a woman living and working in a busy city of the west. In July 2013 Lou graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition qualifying as a nutritional health coach. Lou believes the body is our greatest tool in connecting us to our true essence and the food we eat has all to do with how that miraculous machine operates. In the thirteen years Lou has been teaching her classes have evolved with her experiences in life. The journey yoga has taken her on, physically mentally and spiritually is always growing evolving and ultimately like life and the universe that we inhabit, expanding.

        Sinead O' Connor

        Yoga Teacher

        Sinead has been teaching yoga for over 16 years. In that time she constantly expanded her knowledge through continued learning such as; Continued Yoga Teacher Training with well over 500 hours to date; Completing an ITEC Diploma in Diet and Nutrition & Anatomy and Physiology in 2004; Keeping up to date with development in optimum nutrition. Sinead also retreats to a 10-day silent meditation course once or twice a year. She enjoys sharing insights and knowledge she has gained with others through her work. She qualified as a Holistic Health Coach in February 2013. Her style of yoga is Vinyasa Flow with an emphasis on a meditation that focuses, grounds and centres body, mind and soul. She also teaches pranayama techniques taught to her by Sri Dharma Mittra.

          Naomi Sturdy

          Yoga & Pilates Teacher

          Naomi has been teaching for over 10 years, starting out as a Physical Education teacher and then moving on to Yoga and Pilates teaching fulltime. She is a 500 hour qualified Yoga teacher and continues to study both in Ireland and abroad refining and progressing personal practices and techniques, as well as teaching qualifications. Naomi now teaches yoga teachers  YTT, yoga teacher training in Dublin. ‘My overall Philosophy is that we can experience great happiness and this starts with ourselves.  Through taking care of both our bodies and our minds we can really begin to live to our full potential. At the core of my own practice and teaching is the concept of challenging ourselves to grow and learn. Through taking time to connect to ourselves we can gain greater understanding, clarity and appreciation for ourselves and others.  I believe that each of us has a wealth of resources to deal with our lives effectively and live the lives that we love and enjoy. My classes are inspired by the Hatha style in which I trained and I love to also integrate flowing sequences.  I encourage each individual to challenge themselves to their own abilities in all postures. Movements are taught with a focus on alignment, breathing and relaxation”.

            Adam Kelly

            Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Sport Scientist

            Adam Kelly is the founder of Pura Vida Fitness, Greystones and also director of South Beach Pavillion, (SOBE) Greystones BSc Hons – Sports Science, Higher Dip in Entrepreneurial Studies, Dip in Life coaching. Adam is a Sports Scientist, a Life Coach, personal Trainer, triathlon L2 Coach, Irish Sports Council Tutor and former Triathlon Editor for Outsider Magazine. Working daily as a personal trainer, Adam though his work with over 1000 different bodies, uses a number of common tools, techniques and exercises that if done optimally gets you closer to that perfectly functioning body. Adam trains and races in Triathlon (Swimming, cycling, Running) with special interest in X-Terra Triathlon (off road triathlon). He teaches Ashtanga yoga to his clients. He has competed throughout the World in World and European Championship races. He is involved in other sports such as surfing and snowboarding. In 2009, Adam trained for and successfully completed an ascent of Mt Blanc, and snowboarded off its summit.



              Frances, who you will meet is a gem! She has over 20 years food and catering experience. She is fantastic and a lovely person. Frances is a great cook and she shares my passion for vegetarian food. Frances keeps free range hens and we are grateful to be able to use these fresh eggs. Frances also has a artisan produce business where she sells her homemade curds, jams, pates and lots of other homemade goodies. She loves working here and we love having her.



                Tina is a fully qualified chef and has been working in the industry for many years. We are very lucky to have Tina on our team, she is very skilled, an excellent worker, a lovely person and great fun. She is also a vegetarian which of course adds value to the team. Tina is very sociable and enjoys chatting with the guests. Tina and Frances have become great friends having much in common, including keeping animals, growing vegetables and selling home produce such as baking, jams, etc, at the farmers markets.

                  A special mention to my parents Noel & Dee.

                  Noel and Dee who have spent the last 14 years restoring this special property from what was a sorry and dilapidated state. The courage and vision they had for this project was unquantifiable. The results are truly remarkable, thanks to a combination of Noel’s practical skill-set (though he was a vet by profession) and self -learned knowledge of the renovation of old buildings and Dee’s exquisite taste of decor and finishing touches. The property has appeared in many renovation and interior design magazines to date. I am unbelievably grateful to be able to use the property as a retreat, it feels as if it was made to be a retreat, though it was a Victorian working model farm which supported a colossal estate of 90,000 hectares, it feels intimate and the layout is ideal for a retreat.

                  Dee officially retired from being a teacher last year, her passion is working with autistic children, she still sub-teaches as she is finding it hard to let go! Dee grows herbs and vegetables in her vegetable garden and also forages for fruit for her jams. It’s wonderful to have access to her herb garden when cooking for the retreat, I pick/borrow some of her vegetables, when they are in abundance, of course! Dee kindly gives us jars of her lovely jams to use on the retreats.

                  Noel retired as a vet and food scientist about 15 years ago but then found his new career in property renovation! He is still working daily on a project which we hope will be the last renovation project in the courtyard. He is currently working with Sean, who is a skilled craftsman on our new dining room which will be ready in summer 2017. This will be a large atmospheric room in the same raw material style as the yoga room, preserving the old stone walls, retaining and exposing the old wooden ceiling joists with an open fire and a really warm ambiance. Noel and Dee are generally always present during the retreats and they love welcoming and interacting with our guests and I know our guests love their presence, though I am encouraging them to relax into retirement and travel more.